The Sage Pig Is Here To Help Guide And Heal You

The Sage Pig Plushie/ Heat Pack

The Sage Pig Plushie is a cuddly companion that provides warmth, comfort,... 


At Sage Pig Collection, we believe that everyone has the power to... 

Best Product Of The Year 2023 !!

We're thrilled to announce that Sage Pig Collection has been awarded Best Product of the Year 2023 !! This is a huge honour for us.

We worked so incredibly hard for our brand to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

We're so grateful to you all for your support, and we're excited to continue providing you with new and beautiful pieces that help you on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

Our Story

Sage Pig Collection was born during a time of darkness and uncertainty. In 2022, the world was locked down in the midst of a global pandemic. People were feeling lost, lonely, and scared.

That's when Amelie, the founder of Sage Pig Collection, decided to take action. She wanted to create a brand that would help people heal, both physically and emotionally. She wanted to create a space where people could feel safe and supported on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Amelie drew inspiration from her own personal experiences. She had struggled with her own mental health in the past, but she had found healing through crystals and other holistic practices. She wanted to share these healing gifts with the world.

Sage Pig Collection offers a wide variety of crystal jewellery, as well as an emotional support/period pain plushie. Each piece of jewellery is carefully selected or handmade by us, and each crystal is ethically sourced from around the world.

Sage Pig Collection is more than just a jewellery brand. It's a community of people who are committed to self-healing and personal growth. We are passionate about helping her customers find their inner light and shine it brightly.

One of the things that sets Sage Pig Collection apart is its commitment to customer service. Amelie and Zoe believe that every customer deserves to feel valued and appreciated. Amelie and her mum Zoe goes above and beyond to make sure that their customers have a positive experience.

Sage Pig Collection is a brand that is making a difference in the world. It's a brand that is helping people to heal, grow, and thrive