The 7 Chakras

The 7 Chakras

The chakra system is a system that contains pranic (life) and psychic centres along our brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) and our whole body (peripheral nervous system). The chakras act as different switches in the brain turning on and off and sometimes when you find a certain area is blocked your life becomes unbalanced. If you have ever felt unbalanced your on the right page!


The chakras vibrate at different frequencies:

  • Root Chakra (frequency: 396 Hz)

  • Sacral Chakra (frequency: 417 Hz)

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (frequency: 528 Hz)

  • Heart Chakra (frequency: 639 Hz)

  • Throat Chakra (frequency: 741 Hz)

  • Third eye chakra ( frequency 144 Hz)

  • Crown chakra ( frequency 963 Hz)


These frequencies are perceived as vortices of light where the colours vary depending on the rate of vibration. When figuring out your aura everyone's colour will be slightly different in shades. This is just because a lot of us vibrate at such different frequencies. If you have ever shone a light through the prisms or seen a rainbow these are vortices of light which our eyes can see, some people can see auras and some cant. This could be because your third eye is closed.

There are only 6 chakra's connected to nerve channels and glands the other 1 is connected to your higher self or your spirit. In yoga we connect to our chakras from root to crown by meditating. It takes very deep concentration to connect to the chakras and nerve channels.


When someone is connecting to a certain chakra more you might feel that they can be very talkative or direct (throat chakra) or maybe a bit to loving and open hearted (heart chakra) these people are too open in one chakra which causes you to feel unbalanced. You need to find a balance between all 7 to find inner peace and higher consciousness.


In the table below is a bit about each chakra's location in the body, element and more.

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel. This is because each chakra should be constantly moving and working to help your body to function properly. All chakras should be aligned and constantly moving so your nerves, organs, glands etc.. are healthy to help you feel emotionally and physically healthy.


Your energy and changing your lifestyle to help achieve happiness and tranquillity!


When it comes to healing your energy, protecting it from "energy vampires" is very important.

NOTE : people are not always conscious that they are taking your energy or draining you. You should be straight up with them and allow them to realise. People are selfish and we didn't always realise that we are so focused on what makes us feel good we don't think about anything else.

If you surround yourself with negative people and thoughts your life will be negatively impacted, so if your complaining that your depressed or unhappy and always tired you might be surrounding yourself with people that are not vibrating at the same frequency and are taking/ sucking your energy, not even consciously just so they feel better causing you to feel tired, unhappy and maybe even used. Where as if you surrounded yourself with positive people and positive thoughts you will feel happier and enjoy life more.

This is because these people are not purposefully helping your energy but not dragging you down but instead pushing you to be a better version of yourself (pushing you in a positive direction) and vibrate at your own healthy frequency. These people are focused on themselves and are selfless taking only what they need and pouring what you poured into their cup back into yours ( an exchange of energy) be open to helping people to a certain extent and learn to set boundaries for yourself and others. Take into consideration that people go through things and it is ok to give them your energy when they need it and only when they need it only if you know they will do the same for you. Death, sickness and trauma is hard and people need help in these vulnerable times.


My experience


In my experience when i let go of the people that were draining me of energy and pulling me down to their level, and instead surrounding myself with people who pushed me to be better and made me stronger by working together as a team i felt more confident and blissful about my life. I found that i had more motivation to do what i wanted instead of waiting for an opinion of someone who didnt want to achieve a better outcome in life and preferred to victimise themselves and stay in a negative energy they felt safe in.


Honestly the hardest part was letting go of the comfort i knew as depression, emotional thinking and selfishness and accepting a new world of happiness, success, higher consciousness and tranquility. Of course it was scary moving into an area of my life i didnt know the outcome of, but i knew it was healthier to try achieve that life and maybe fail again and again than stay unhappy for eternity.


My journey hasn't ended and i still find certain times hard and scary but that is part of life! It is not about achieving happiness every second of every day it is about finding peace in all aspects of life, the discomfort and the joy and learning not how to get up but learning to get up and learn from each experience and find the positives in what might feel like only darkness. Its not about not overthinking or getting back up its about how fast you can let go and get up again that proves you are learning to be free. You are allowed to think and feel !!! We are human just feel and think and let it go.



I wish you luck on your journey. It is long and painful but I promise on the other side is beautiful and you will get there!!


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